Robotics and Coding

A gateway to higher order thinking – put your child in a growth mindset

Our Robotics programs are designed to promote the development of skills and abilities like design thinking, computational thinking, adaptive learning, and physical computing.

Entertaining & rewarding learning

As kids see their robots move, raise their arms, or even dance with just simple lines of code, it gets them motivated to program even more complicated functions.

Through practical hands-on experiences, children quickly learn how coding skills are used in robotics and how to incorporate these skills in their own robots, machines and designs.

Empower your kids to create from scratch and make them a resilient problem solver

Make your child learn coding through entertaining, fun and engaging activities to enhance their imagination, skills and abilities.

Curiosity and creativity

The curiosity created through simple tangible results of coding makes your child quickly transition from writing simple code to more creative outcomes like video game design, animated movie making, website design, advanced robotics, etc.

Patience, persistence, perseverance

Coding makes failure easily recognisable and conditions your child for constructive criticism. Even the most straightforward programs require a coder to understand a set of problems and solve them; otherwise, the code won’t run as intended.

Ages 9+ years

  • EV3 Robotics & Coding
  • Spike Prime with GUI Programming
  • Spike Prime with Python Programming

Ages 5-8 years

  • Tech Builder with Wedo and Scratch Programming
  • Tech Builder with Microbit and Make Block programming
  • Tech Builder with Spike Essential

Ages upto 5 years

  • Duplo / Tech Builder

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